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The quote below is randomly selected from our quote database. If you would like to receive this service to your own website then please Contact us. This is a FREE service provided that you do not alter the quote HTML in any way.
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from: Tao the pathless path by: Osho

Life has to be faced. It is rough; there is much pain, but the pain has to be faced. There is misery; it has to be encountered, it has to be passed through without any explanations and without any consolations. If you can live your life without any theorization about it-directly, immediately, moment to moment-one day, you will come to that source of joy, which is not a consolation, which is contentment. And what is the difference? Contentment
is a positive state of your being, a consolation is just negative. I have one eye, others don't have even one-I feel consoled. I am miserable, others are even more miserable-I am consoled. Top of page