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 Seriti book detail

Title : 366 readings from Taoism and confucianism
ISBN : 0-85305-456-8
Author : Nobody
Description : Part of the Global Spirit LIbrary, a comprehensive collection of spiritual literature of the world. Each volume is presented in an annual cycle of daily readings. Very quaint! But translations are accessible and choices of passages good.
The following quotes are in our database.......
Pg-1"Those in the prime of their beauty are proud; those in the prime of their strength are impetuous. So you cannot talk to people in their prime about the Way. People with no white streaks in their hair have difficulty understanding the Way, and even greater difficulty following it. If people are proud and impetuous, they are interested only in the acquisition of wealth, power and status.
Wise people are happy to give authority to others. So their capacity does not diminish with age; nor is it limited by the limits of their own knowledge.
Pg-5"Wise people regard knowledge as a curse, social convention as a glue, benevolence as a bandage, and selling as begging. Wise people do not have ambitions or make schemes, so knowledge is useless to them. They do not make divisions so glue is useless to them. They cause no harm to others, so bandages are useless, They want nothing so begging is useless.
Wise people look like ordinary human beings, but they do not have ordinary emotions and feelings. Since they look like human beings, ordinary human beings seek out their friendship. But since they do not have ordinary emotions, the ordinary standards of right and wrong are irrelevant to them.
Wise people have bodies that are puny and small, like those of ordinary human beings; so they on live on earth. Wise people have minds that are strong and broad; so they are at one with heaven.
When I say that wise people do not have ordinary feelings and emotions, I mean they do not have likes and dislikes; so they are content to allow life to follow its own course.
Ordinary people wear themselves out with useless toil and pointless argument.
Pg-10"All human beings know how to seek knowledge that they do not possess; but few people know how to be satisfied with what they do not know. All human beings know how to condemn what they do not like; but few people know how to pass adverse judgement on themselves.
It is as if the brightness of the sun and moon above had been permanently eclipsed, while down below the rivers and streams had lost their power. Good and honest people are ignored, while spineless flatterers are exalted.The quite calm of natural action has been cast aside, in favour of perpetual argument and conflict. What nonsense human beings are making of their lives.
Pg-38"Some people profess to live by high moral standards. Such people are constantly trying to make others conform to those standards - and sometimes use force to this end.
When we seek power, we lose the way. When we lose power we find the way. But beware of taking pride in finding the way, for fear that you will start claiming to live by high moral standards - and then lose the way again.
Obedience to moral laws is the husk of the truth; it is like a barren blossom that will not turn to fruit; it is ignorance appearing as goodness. People with great minds want the kernel, not the husk; they want the fruit, not the flower. They push moral laws aside, as rocks along the way.
Pg-77"The Way is like a bow that has been pulled, ready to shoot an arrow: its top end is brought down, and its lower end is raised up. The Way brings down the high and the mighty, and raises up the lowly and the humble. I takes from those who have much, and gives to those who have little.
The Way is not the normal human way. The normal human way is to take from those who have little, and to give to those who have much.
Pg-78"After a conflict is over, some enmity remains. How can peace be made? Wise people keep to the agreement that was made, but do not make demands on their former enemies. Those whose power is genuine, concentrate on fulfilling their own obligations. Those whose power is hollow, insist on others fulfilling their obligations. The Way has no favourites; it is on the side of goodness.
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