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Title : And now and here
ISBN : 0-85207-286-4
Author : Osho
Description : Osho brings us to encounter our attitudes towards death and dying. He challenges us to examine our beliefs about what will happen when we die and demonstrates how those beliefs reflect our deepest fears. His healing alternative is contained in these pages.
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Pg-3"This is very strange....we always accept the opposite of what we go on repeating. When someone says he is immortal, that the soul is immortal - when he repeats this he is simply indicating that he knows, deep down, he will die, he will have to die. If he knows he will not die then there is no need to go on about immortality; only one who is frightened keeps on repeating it
Pg-6"Death is our own shadow. If we keep running away from it we will not be able to stand before it and recognize what it is. If that man had stopped and seen what was behind him, perhaps he would have laughed and said, "What kind of a person am I, running away from a shadow?" No one can ever escape from a shadow; no one can ever win a fight with a shadow. This does not mean, however, that the shadow is stronger than we are and that we can never be victorious; it simply means that there is no shadow, that there is no question of being victorious. You cannot win against that which does not exist. That's why people go on being defeated by death - because death is merely a shadow of life.
Pg-165"I am teaching the art of dying, because one who learns the art of dying becomes an expert in the art of living as well. One who agrees to die becomes worthy of living the supreme life. Only those who have known how to erase themselves also come to know how to be...We have created a false contradiction between the two, and that has produced fatal results. Perhaps nothing has caused so much harm to the human race as this contradiction and this contradiction has spread over many levels of our lives. If we divide things which are essentially one into separate parts - not only separate but contradictory parts - the ultimate result can be nothing but the creation of a
schizophrenic, insane man.
Pg-172"the worldly man survives with the help of the renunciate and the renunciate survives with the help of the worldly man - in the same way the left foot is dependent on the right foot and the right foot is dependent on the left foot. On the surface this dependence appears as a contradiction, but deep down it is not. Both feet are part of the same being: one keeps it rooted; the other causes it to move.
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