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Title : The awakening of Intelligence
ISBN : 0-06-064834-1
Author : J. Krishnamurti
Description : Comprehensive record of Krishnamurti's teaching
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Pg-1"Intelligence comes into being when the brain discovers it's fallibility, when it discovers what it is capable of, and what it is not.
Pg-356"If there is to be a totally different way of living, one has to understand the central issue, which is: can there be action without formula, concept, ideal, or belief? An action based on knowledge, which is the past, which is conditioned, is not action. Being conditioned and dependant on the past, it must inevitably create discord and therefore conflict. So I want to find out if there is an action in which there is no will at all and choice does not enter.....To find that out the mind must learn how to observe, how to see. If the mind sees according to a formula of what you should be, or what I should be, then the action is of the past
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