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Title : If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him!
ISBN : 0 85969 023 7
Author : Sheldon Kopp
Description : Perennial philosophy for psycologists.
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Pg-6"And remember, too, you can stay at home, safe in the familiar illusion of certainty. Do not set out without realizing that "the way is not without danger. Everything good is costly, and the development of the personality is one of the most costly of all things." It will cost you your innocence, your illusions, your certainty.
Pg-12"By speaking to him in metaphor, the guru turns the pilgrim in upon himself. He offers the seeker only what he already possesses, taking from him that which he never had. What the guru knows that the seeker does not is that we are all pilgrims. There is no master, and there is no student.
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