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Title : Light on the path
ISBN : 72295006
Author : Mabel Collins
Description : First printed in 1885 by the Theosophical Sciety where the author (a member) was co-editor with H.P. Blavatsky of their magazine "lucifer". The material is said to be of ancient origin derived from a Sanskrit palm leaf manuscript
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Pg-1"Ambition is the first curse: the great tempter of the man who is rising above his fellows. It is the simplest form of looking for reward. Men of intelligence and power are led away from their higher possibilities by it continually. Yet it is a necessary teacher. Its results turn to dust and ashes in the mouth; like death and estrangement, it shows the man at last that to work for self is to work for disappointment.
Pg-3"Do not fancy you can stand aside from the bad man or the foolish man. They are yourself, though in a less degree than your friend or your Master. But if you allow the idea of separateness from any evil thing or person to grow up within you, by so doing you create karma which will bind you to that thing or person till your soul recognizes that it cannot be isolated. Remember that the sin and shame of the world are your sin and shame, for you are a part of it; your karma is inextricably interwoven with the great Karma. And before you can attain knowledge you must have passed through all places, foul and clean alike. Therefore, remember that the soiled garment you shrink from touching may have been yours yesterday, may be yours tomorrow. And if you turn with horror from it, when it is flung upon your shoulders, it will cling the more closely to you. The self righteous man makes for himself a bed of mire. Abstain because it is right to abstain-not that yourself shall be kept clean.
Pg-27"No man desires to see that light which illumines the spaceless soul until pain and sorrow and despair have driven him away from the life of ordinary humanity. First he wears out pleasure, then he wears out pain-till, at last, his eyes become incapable of tears.
Pg-37"When I speak of knowledge I mean intuitive knowledge. This certain information can never be obtained by hard work or by experiment; for these methods are only applicable to matter, and matter is in itself a perfectly
uncertain substance, continually affected by change. The most absolute and universal laws of natural and physical life, as understood by the scientist, will pass away when the life of this universe has passed away, and only its soul
is left in the silence. What then will be the value of the knowledge of its laws acquired by industry and observation?
Pg-62"He looks neither for pleasure nor pain, asks for no heaven, and fears no hell; yet he has entered upon a great inheritance, which is not so much a compensation for these things surrendered as a state which simply blots out the memory of them. He lives now not in the world, but with it; his horizon has extended itself to the width of the whole universe.
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