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Title : The mustard seed
ISBN : 0-00-718117-5
Author : Osho
Description : Osho's discourses on the gnostic teachings of Jesus. Specifically the gospel of Thomas from the apocrypha.
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Pg-64"But this world and its wine can give you only temporary relief, can give you only temporary gaps of forgetfulness. And the difference is diametrical: when someone is drunk with God's wine he is totally alert, aware, fully conscious; when somebody is drunk with this world and its wines he is hypnotized, asleep, moves in a slumber, lives in a sleep - his whole life is a long dream.[Osho]

I found them all drunk; I found none of them athirst. And my soul was afflicted for the sons of men, because they are blind in their heart and they do not see that empty they have come into the world, and empty they seek to go out of the world again.[Jesus]
Pg-88"Truth is not hidden: You are closed. Truth is revealed everywhere, every moment. Truth by it's very nature cannot be hidden. Only lies try to hide themselves, not truth; only lies are secretive. Truth is always like an open hand, it is never like a fist.
Pg-95"Move with life with a deep trust, wheresoever it leads. Don't create your own goal; if you create your own goal you will become false. Life has no goal; if you have a goal you are against life. Life moves not like a business, it moves like poetry; life moves not from the head, it moves from the heart - it is a romance. Trust is needed, doubt won't be helpful. Life is not scientific, it is irrational. Life doesn't believe in Aristotles and the logicians, it believes in love, in the poets, it believes in the mystics. It is a mystery to be lived, not a riddle to be solved.
Pg-104"balance is going beyond sin. So whenever you have an imbalance you are a sinner. Jesus' idea is that a person who is too much in the world is a sinner, but if he moves to the other extreme, renounces the world, becomes too much against the world, then again he is a sinner. A person who accepts the world, without choosing this way or that, transcends it.
Pg-105"Either you are after women and then sex continuously moves inthe mind, or you become against them and then too sex moves in the mind. If you are existing for sex, then sex will be the only thing in the mind, the smoke. If you are against it, an enemy, then again sex will be in the mind - because friends you remember, but enemies you remember more. Sometimes friends can be forgotten, but enemies never, they are always there; how can you forget your enemy? So people who go on moving in the world of sex are filled with sex. And go to the monasteries, look in the monasteries where there are people who have moved to the other extreme - they are continuously with sex, their whole mind has become sexual.

Eat too much, become obsessed with food as if your whole life exists to eat, then continuously there will be food in the mind. Then fast, then too continuously food will be in the mind. And if something is continuously on the mind, it becomes a burden. The woman is not the problem, the man is not the problem - sex continuously on the mind is the problem. Food is not a problem: you eat and it is finished; but food on the mind continuously then it is a problem.
Pg-158"If life exists, it is nothing but a waiting for death, and how can life be a waiting for death? How can life be momentary? How can life be just like a dream? It is there - and it is gone and not there. Life must be something eternal. But if you are looking for the eternal, then be like the prudent merchant: sell all that you have got. Sell it and purchase the one, the one pearl of your inner being which cannot be drowned, which cannot be snatched away - because that pearl is you. You can possess only yourself, nothing else can be really possessed.
Pg-201"If you realize your soul, you will not need anybody's recognition, a certificate. Even if the whole world says you have not realized, it makes no difference; a vote is not needed, you know it has happened. If a blind man has started seeing, he doesn't require anybody as a witness to say that now he can see - he can see, that's enough. But if the blind man is dreaming that he can see, then he will need some authority to seal the fact that this is true, that he can see.
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