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Title : Meetings with remarkable men
ISBN : 0-14-019037-6
Author : G.I. Gurdjieff
Description : Gurdjieff's autobiographical account of his youth and early travels. It is organised around portraits of remarkable men and women who aided Gurdjieff's serach for hidden knowledge or accompanied him on his journeys in remote parts of the Near East and Central Asia
The following quotes are in our database.......
Pg-8"It is a great pity that the present period of culture, which we call and which people of subsequent generations will of course also call the "European civilization", is, in the whole process of the perfecting of humanity, as it were, an empty and abortive interval. And this is because, in respect of the development of the mind, that chief impeller to self-perfection, the people of our civilization cannot transmit by inheritance anything of value to their descendants. For example, one of the chief means for developing the mind
of man is literature. But what has the literature of contemporary civilization to
give? Nothing whatever, except the development of, so to say, 'word prostitution'.
Pg-46"A man is satisfied not by the quantity of food but by the absence of greed.
Pg-47"If you wish to be rich, make friends with the police.
If you wish to be famous, make friends with the reporters.
If you wish to be full, make friends with with your mother-in-law.
If you wish to have peace, make friends with with your neighbour.
If you wish to sleep, make friends with with your wife.
If you wish to lose your faith, make friends with with the priest.
Pg-76"Subjective morality is a relative conception, and if you are filled with relative conceptions, then when you are grown up you will always and everywhere act and judge other people according to the conventional views and notions you have acquired. You must learn not what people round you consider good or bad, but to act in life as your conscience bids you. An untrammelled conscience will always know more than all the books and teachers put together.
Pg-189"Our organism is a very complicated apparatus. It has many organs with processes of different tempos and with different needs. You must either change everything or nothing. Otherwise, instead of good you might do harm......If you know every small screw, every little pin of your machine, only then can you know what you must do. But if you just know a little and experiment, you risk a great deal, because the machine is very complicated. There are many tiny screws which might easily be broken by a strong shock and which cannot afterwards be bought in any shop.

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