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Title : The spiritual foundation of morality
ISBN : 0-88010-425-2
Author : Rudolph Steiner
Description : Moral preaching cannot establish moraility. Only by delving into the hidden secrets of life can we find its moral sources. Humanity has always manifested moral life . In ancient India, for instance, morality lay in devotion to the spirit; in Europe, the cardinal virtue was courage. To understand the relationship between these, however, the evolution of conciousness must be taken into account.
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Pg-8"But knowing what one ought to do, what is morally correct, is of least importance in this realm. What is of most importance, on the other hand, is that there should be impulses living within us, which through their inward strength, their inward power, translate themselves into moral actions. As is well known, moral sermons do not produce this result. Morality can be
established only if human beings are guided to sources from which they can receive the impulses that lead to moral conduct.
Pg-49"Progress is not made by the mere preaching of universal love, but by the extension of our interest further and further, so that we increasingly come to be interested in and to understand people with widely different temperaments and personalities, with widely different racial and national characteristics, with widely different religious and philosophical Views. Right understanding, right interest, calls forth from the soul the right moral conduct.
Pg-61"The manner in which our brain moves depends on the thoughts we think. That is just the opposite of what the materialists believe. If you wish to know how people's brains are constituted, you must investigate what thoughts they had; for just as written characters are nothing else than the result of the thoughts, so too are the motions of the brain nothing else than the result of
the thoughts
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