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Title : Tao the pathless path
ISBN : 1-58063-225-4
Author : Osho
Description : In his commentaries on five parables from the Lieh Tzu, Osho brings a fresh and contemporary interpretation to the ancient wisdom of Tao. LeihTzu was a well-known Taoist master in the fourth century s. C. , and his sly critiques of Confucius provide abundant opportunities for the reader to explore the contrasts between the rational and irrational, the male and female, the structured and the spontaneous.
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Pg-5"Christianity Hinduism, Mohammedanism, are superhighways; you need not risk anything, you simply follow the crowd, you go with the mob. With Tao you have to go alone, you have to be alone. Tao respects the individual and not the society. Tao respects the unique and not the crowd. Tao respects freedom and not conformity. Tao has no tradition. Tao is a rebellion, and the
greatest rebellion possible
Pg-25"And by understanding death you can die consciously. If you die consciously you will not be born again-there will be no need. You have learned the lesson,
you will not be thrown back again and again into the wheel of life and death. You have known, you have learned-there is no need for you to be sent again to the school; you have transcended. If you don't learn the meaning of death you will have to be thrown back. Life is a situation to learn what death is.
Pg-54"Life has to be faced. It is rough; there is much pain, but the pain has to be faced. There is misery; it has to be encountered, it has to be passed through without any explanations and without any consolations. If you can live your life without any theorization about it-directly, immediately, moment to moment-one day, you will come to that source of joy, which is not a consolation, which is contentment. And what is the difference? Contentment
is a positive state of your being, a consolation is just negative. I have one eye, others don't have even one-I feel consoled. I am miserable, others are even more miserable-I am consoled.
Pg-57"Remember, if you are searching for consolation you will find it, but it is a false coin. Comfortable, convenient, it is like a drug: you start drinking and you remain miserable. The misery does not change, but through drinking you start forgetting about it. Consolation is a sort of intoxication, and nothing is changed because the door to misery remains open-you still go on comparing. Comparison is the root cause of misery. To be noncomparative-to be neither higher nor lower, just to be yourself, not to think in relation to others, just to
think in terms of your tremendous aloneness-then you are happy.
Pg-72"The theist and the atheist are not opposite. They are not enemies, they are partners in the same game, because both are pretending that they know. A real man of understanding will not pretend that he knows, and then there is a possibility some day to know. Begin with ignorance, and some day you may be fortunate enough to know. Begin with knowledge, and this is certain: that you will never be able to know.
Pg-75"Thank you for the trouble that you are taking with me, but I am to go on my own way. If I fail, there will be one consolation-that I went on my own way and failed. But following you, even if I succeed, I will always repent: who knows what would have been the result, what would have been the outcome if I had gone on my own way.
Pg-87"A real seeker is agnostic. He never claims, "I know," and he never says, "This is the truth:" He is very open, he is not closed. He has no dogma, he has no creed, he is simply conscious and aware, and is ready to face any reality whatsoever. Whatsoever reality comes to be revealed, he is ready to go into it. He trusts life. People who don't trust life create beliefs, dogmas, theories, to protect themselves. The real wise man is vulnerable; he does not protect himself.
Pg-92"The word god is not God. How long can you go on playing with the word? The word food is not food. How long can you go on carrying the word food and remain hungry? One day or other you will become aware that what you are carrying is only a word-it cannot nourish you, it cannot give you life, it cannot give you peace. It cannot give you anything. Of course it promises all, that is how philosophy becomes so important-because of its promises. But all
those promises are empty; they are never fulfilled. Philosophy has never helped anybody to realize truth.
Pg-112"Who is a gentleman? A hypocrite. Who is a gentleman? One who is masked in manners, etiquette, character, who is conventional, traditional. A gentleman is not an individual, he is just a member of a society. He does not exist on his own; he has no life of his own. He exists only as a part of a society, so what-
soever the society allows is his life, and whatsoever the society does not allow he denies himself. He chooses society instead of nature. That is what a gentleman does: he chooses man-made law against the laws of nature. A gentleman is one who has betrayed existence, a gentleman is one who has chosen society. And the society is neurotic, the society is ill, the society is not normal at all. No normal society has yet existed on the earth. Only rarely have a few individuals been normal.
Pg-160"Don't approach through the door of belief, otherwise you will reach into a philosophy, into a religion, into a church, into a dogma, but you will never reach into life. Life simply is. It is not a doctrine preached by somebody. Life is simply there all around you within and without. Once you don't look through
words, concepts, verbalizations; it reveals to you-everything becomes so crystal clear, so transparent. In that transparency you are not separate from it; how can you believe in it or disbelieve in it? You are it. That is the way of Tao.
Pg-177"Only with the new, and only with the new is life. Life has to be fresh. Remain a learner, never become a knower. Remain open, never become closed. Remain ignorant, go on throwing the knowledge that accumulates automatically, naturally. Each day, each moment, free yourself from all that you have known and again become a child. To become so innocent, like a child, is the way to live and to live abundantly.
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