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Title : The use of the self
ISBN : 0-75284-391-5
Author : F.M. Alexander
Description : The most readable of Alexander's books on how to regain the "use of the self'" and through this renewed efficiency to relieve all manner of ailments.
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Pg-32"1 was indeed suffering from a delusion that is practically universal, the delusion that because we are able to do what we `will to do' in acts that are habitual and involve familiar sensory experiences, we shall be equally successful in doing what we `will to do' in acts which are contrary to our habit and therefore involve sensory experiences that are unfamiliar.
Pg-49"I came to realize that my reaction to a particular stimulus was constantly the opposite of that which I desired, and that in my search for the cause of this, I discovered that my sensory appreciation (feeling) of the use of my mechanisms was so untrustworthy that it led me to react by means of a use of myself which felt right, but was, in fact, too often wrong for my purpose
Pg-54"It is in the nature of unity that any change in a part means a change in the whole, and the parts of the human organism are knit so closely into a unity that any attempt to make a fundamental change in the working of a part is bound to alter the use and adjustment of the whole. This means that where the concerted use of the mechanisms of the organism is faulty, any attempt to eradicate a defect otherwise than by changing and improving this faulty concerted use is bound to throw out the balance somewhere else.
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