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 Seriti book detail

Title : Of Water and the Spirit
ISBN : 0-14-019496-7
Author : Maildoma Patrice Some
Description : Autobiography of a jesuit educated shaman from the Dagara tribe of west Africa.
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Pg-272"The speech of silence is achieved when words, and their potential ability to hurt meaning, are done away with. Words entrap meaning, torture it, slice it into pieces the way a butcher cuts the meat of a slaughtered animal and serves it to us. The speech of silence has profound respect for the integrity of meaning as an entity separate from language. In silence, meaning is no longer heard, but felt; and feeling is the best hearing, the best instrument for recording meaning. Meaning is made welcome as it is and treated with respect.
Pg-288"I had grown away from myself into a mold that tried to make me into someone I wasn't, while all the while I craved for myself. As long as we are not ourselves, we will try to be what other people are. If these people are also not themselves, the result is terrible.
Pg-296"So I went and knocked at doors
Locked in front of me.
I craved to enter.
Oh, little did I know
The doors did not lead outside.

It was all in me.
I was the room and the door.
It was all in me.
I just had to remember.

And I learned that I lived
Always and everywhere.
I learned that I knew everything,
Only I had forgotten.
I learned that I grew
Only I had overlooked things.
Now I am back, remembering.
Pg-301"The drinking had opened up people's throats and they began to sing. It was the sound of homecoming, the kind that tells you that you are linked to people who care. I liked what I heard, a melody never experienced before, so peaceful it produced within me a joy beyond definition. I understood that what makes a village a village is the underlying presence of the unfathomable joy of being connected to everyone and everything.
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