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Title : Wen-Tzu Understanding the mysteries
ISBN : 0-87773-862-9
Author : Lao Tzu
Description : The Wen-Tzu has long been revered by the Chinese as one of the great classics of ancient Taoism
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Pg-13"Those who attain the Way are weak in ambition but strong at work; their minds are open and their responses are fitting. Those weak in ambition are flexible and yielding, peaceful and quiet; they hide in nonacquisitiveness and pretend to be inexpert. Tranquil and uncontrived, when they act they do not miss the timing.
Pg-38"The ears of someone whose eyes are examining the tip of a fine hair do not hear a peal of thunder; the eyes of someone whose ears are tuning a musical instrument do not see an enormous mountain. Thus when there is a fixation of attention on small things, then there is forgetfulness of great things.
Pg-39"The highest sages emulate natural law, the next best esteem the wise, the lowest leave things to ministers. Leaving things to ministers is a way to danger and destruction, esteeming the wise is a source of folly and confusion, emulating natural law is the way to govern heaven and earth.
Pg-43"The body is the house of life, energy is the basis of life, spirit is the controller of life: if one loses its position, all three are injured. Therefore when the spirit is in the lead, the body follows it, with beneficial results; when the body is in the lead, the spirit follows it, with harmful results. Those people who live for gluttony and lust are tripped and blinded by power and profit, seduced and charmed by fame and status, nearly beyond human conception.
Pg-56"To use a finite lifetime to worry and grieve over the chaos of the world is like weeping into a river to increase its water in fear of its drying up. Those who do not worry about the chaos of the world but enjoy order in their own bodies can be engaged in conversation about the Way.
Pg-151"Thus survival is in attainment of the Way, not in smallness; ruin is in losing the Way, not in greatnmess The rulers of a confused country strive for expansion of territory. not for humanity and justice; they strive for high positions not for the Way and virtue. This is abandoning the means of survival
and creating the causes of destruction.
Pg-180"To act in accord with essence is called the Way; to attain that natural essence is called virtue. After essence is lost, humanity and justice are valued; after humanity and justice are defined, virtue is ignored. When pure simplicity disappears, manners and music become ornate; when right and wrong take shape, the common people are blinded. When pearls and jades are valued, the whole world competes for them.
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