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Title : Yoga the science of the soul
ISBN : 0-312-30614-8
Author : Osho
Description : Discourses on some of the most important Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the father of Raja Yoga and an early "scientist of the soul".
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Pg-4"A total frustration is needed, a revelation that this projecting mind is futile, that the mind that hopes is nonsense and leads nowhere. It simply closes your eyes; it intoxicates you. It never allows reality to be revealed to you. It protects you against reality. Your mind is a drug. It is against that which is.
Pg-7"You can believe in God, or you can believe in the concept of "no-God." You can say God exists, with a fanatical attitude, or you can say quite the reverse, that God does not exist-with the same fanaticism! Atheists, theists - all are believers, and belief is not the realm for science. Science means the experience of something, of that which is. No belief is needed.
Pg-8"As you are, you will have to die; and unless you die, the new cannot be born. The new is hidden in you. You are just a seed for it, and the seed must fall down and be absorbed by the earth, The seed must die; only then will the new arise out of you. Your death will become your new life.
Pg-15"Buddha says you are the misery, not the world....But that revolutionary said, "The world is in misery. I agree with you. Now, tell me, what can I do? I have a deep compassion, and I want to serve humanity:" Then Buddha said to that revolutionary, "You want to serve the world, but where are you? I don't see anyone inside. I look in you, and there is no one. You don't have any center, and unless you are centered, whatsoever you do will create more mischief."

All of your social reformers, your revolutionaries, your leaders, they are the great mischief mongers. The world would be better if there were no leaders. But they cannot help themselves. They must do something because the world is in misery. And they are not centered, so whatever they do, they create more misery. Just compassion will not help, just service will not help. Compassion that flows through a centered being is something totally different. Compassion coming through a crowd is mischief. That compassion is poison.
Pg-23"When the activity of thinking is not there, you are there. When the activity of the mind is not there, when thoughts have disappeared-they are just like clouds-when they have disappeared, your being, just like the sky, is uncovered. It is always there, only it is covered with the clouds, covered with thoughts.
Pg-27"Mind can be either the source of bondage or the source of freedom. Mind becomes the gate for this world, the entry; it can also become the exit. Mind leads you to hell, and mind can also lead you to heaven; it depends on how the mind is used. Right use of the mind becomes meditation; wrong use of the
mind becomes madness.
Pg-90"Remember, if you are miserable you have created all of this. Let it penetrate deep in your heart that you have created your sufferings because this is going to be the formula, the key. If you have created your sufferings, only then can you destroy them. If someone else has created them, you are helpless. You have created your miseries, and you can destroy them. You have created them through wrong habits, wrong attitudes, addictions, desires. Drop this pattern, look afresh. And this very life is the ultimate joy that is possible to human consciousness.
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