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Title : Zulu High Sanusi
ISBN : 0-918172-31-4
Author : Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa
Description : Part of the "profiles on healing" series by Ringing Rock Press. This volume is the incredible life story of the african traditional healer Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa.
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Pg-55"In a fit of stupid excitement, I painted the Virgin Mary as a Zulu woman, bare breasted, carrying a pot of water on her head, and her husband, St. Joseph, carving a wooden statue sitting next to a grass hut, with the baby Jesus clinging to his mother's skirt. I then painted another picture, a painting of the crucifixion. I painted the Roman soldiers as white men and Christ as a very handsome black man. The schoolteachers were shocked.
First, I received the worst caning of my life, and then I was disgracefully expelled from school. I was accused of blasphemy and thinking thoughts poisonous to other children's minds. Black teachers accused me, strangely enough, of dirtying Jesus's image by painting him as a black man. It was truly unreal. That made me cry more than the caning.
Pg-172"Stop judging yourself. You don't know what's happening to you and you don't know why it is happening. Furthermore, you must never find out. When something strange happens to you or to a friend or to the world, you want to go and find out why. But in the end, you come back filled with superstition. In searching for answers to the unknowable, human beings ended up in the pool of superstition. In the process of trying to get out of it, they only got deeper into it. From the pool of superstition, they escaped to the desert of skepticism where they died very lonely and miserable deaths without knowing anything about this amazing thing we call life. Let the power ebb through you.
Pg-173"In the name of the light, in the name of the dweller of the doorway, in the name of the commander of the seas and the skies, in the name of the empress of the stars, in the name of the one mother, let me give my blessings to all of you. May the light accompany you as you walk across the plains of this world. May the truth be the star that shines not only above but deep within the kernels of your souls. May peace, the most fragrant of flowers, attend you no matter where you go. May food never be lacking in your village. May water never be lacking in your streams and rivers. May love never be lacking in your hearts and in the hearts of your children. May your beds always be fruitful and friendly. May love always be with you to the end of your days. May war be away from the borders of your countries. May anger be away from the mountains of your lives. May you be protected, shielded, cherished until you see the beginning of the new
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