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from: Yoga the science of the soul by: Osho

Buddha says you are the misery, not the world....But that revolutionary said, "The world is in misery. I agree with you. Now, tell me, what can I do? I have a deep compassion, and I want to serve humanity:" Then Buddha said to that revolutionary, "You want to serve the world, but where are you? I don't see anyone inside. I look in you, and there is no one. You don't have any center, and unless you are centered, whatsoever you do will create more mischief."

All of your social reformers, your revolutionaries, your leaders, they are the great mischief mongers. The world would be better if there were no leaders. But they cannot help themselves. They must do something because the world is in misery. And they are not centered, so whatever they do, they create more misery. Just compassion will not help, just service will not help. Compassion that flows through a centered being is something totally different. Compassion coming through a crowd is mischief. That compassion is poison. Top of page