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The quote below is randomly selected from our quote database. If you would like to receive this service to your own website then please Contact us. This is a FREE service provided that you do not alter the quote HTML in any way.
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from: Tao the pathless path by: Osho

Remember, if you are searching for consolation you will find it, but it is a false coin. Comfortable, convenient, it is like a drug: you start drinking and you remain miserable. The misery does not change, but through drinking you start forgetting about it. Consolation is a sort of intoxication, and nothing is changed because the door to misery remains open-you still go on comparing. Comparison is the root cause of misery. To be noncomparative-to be neither higher nor lower, just to be yourself, not to think in relation to others, just to
think in terms of your tremendous aloneness-then you are happy. Top of page