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from: 366 readings from Taoism and confucianism

Wise people regard knowledge as a curse, social convention as a glue, benevolence as a bandage, and selling as begging. Wise people do not have ambitions or make schemes, so knowledge is useless to them. They do not make divisions so glue is useless to them. They cause no harm to others, so bandages are useless, They want nothing so begging is useless.
Wise people look like ordinary human beings, but they do not have ordinary emotions and feelings. Since they look like human beings, ordinary human beings seek out their friendship. But since they do not have ordinary emotions, the ordinary standards of right and wrong are irrelevant to them.
Wise people have bodies that are puny and small, like those of ordinary human beings; so they on live on earth. Wise people have minds that are strong and broad; so they are at one with heaven.
When I say that wise people do not have ordinary feelings and emotions, I mean they do not have likes and dislikes; so they are content to allow life to follow its own course.
Ordinary people wear themselves out with useless toil and pointless argument. Top of page