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The quote below is randomly selected from our quote database. If you would like to receive this service to your own website then please Contact us. This is a FREE service provided that you do not alter the quote HTML in any way.
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from: Zulu High Sanusi by: Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa

In the name of the light, in the name of the dweller of the doorway, in the name of the commander of the seas and the skies, in the name of the empress of the stars, in the name of the one mother, let me give my blessings to all of you. May the light accompany you as you walk across the plains of this world. May the truth be the star that shines not only above but deep within the kernels of your souls. May peace, the most fragrant of flowers, attend you no matter where you go. May food never be lacking in your village. May water never be lacking in your streams and rivers. May love never be lacking in your hearts and in the hearts of your children. May your beds always be fruitful and friendly. May love always be with you to the end of your days. May war be away from the borders of your countries. May anger be away from the mountains of your lives. May you be protected, shielded, cherished until you see the beginning of the new Top of page